What is the cause of the collision of the CNC lathe machine?

In the field of machine tool processing, the problem of knife collision is a major headache. It may seem trivial to hit the device with a knife, but it is very harmful. As a high-speed and high-precision automatic precision equipment, the machining center will affect the machining efficiency once the collision of the knife is light, and the precision will be reduced due to the heavy impact. Therefore, we must pay attention to the problem of knife collision in our daily processing.

Operator error
According to the statistics of the production line, most of the causes of tool collisions in machining centers are caused by operator errors. For example, during the tool setting process, the speed of the machine tool’s drive shaft was too fast, which caused tool collisions. The other is that the coordinate values ​​of the machine tool axes are entered incorrectly, which leads to tool collision during spindle machining. This is the reason for the largest number of tool collisions in the machining center. Therefore, improving the professionalism and responsibility of the machining center operator is the best way to prevent the machining center from hitting the knife, especially the responsibility of the machining center operator.

In fact, the damage to the machine tool caused by the collision of the machining center is very serious, especially the damage to the machining accuracy of the machine tool is irreversible. Especially for high-precision machine tools, it is easy to lose accuracy after a few hits, and the surface does not seem to change much. In fact, the accuracy of the machine tool is no longer.

Workpiece clamping failure
The reason for the second machine tool collision is the failure of the clamping of the machining workpiece. The machining workpiece is loose during the machining process, and the parts will be moved by the cutting force of the tool. At this time, it is easy to cause the collision of the cutter, and it is also easy to cause the workpiece to throw out the fixture, and even break the door and window glass of the machine. accident.

For many automatic processing production lines, there may be clamping errors caused by inaccurate positioning of parts. For example, when a robot places a part on a jig, the placement position is deviated, which causes the part to be clamped in place. If there is no corresponding workpiece in-position detection switch, the tool may collide with the tool during the feeding process. And because the automatic production line is a fully automated process, during the process, the operator does not intervene in the machining of the machine tool, it is difficult to artificially find the problems caused by the clamping, which further increases the probability of knife collision.

Machine tool motion failure
The so-called machine tool failure means that the operating system of the machine tool is out of control. For example, when the machine tool executes a machining program, its machining trajectory does not follow the trajectory of the machining program, but a large deviation occurs. At this time, the machine tool will collide with the tool.

Therefore, the orderly, timely, and professional operation and maintenance of processing CNC lathe machine is very important. Do not use processing CNC lathe machine overload, otherwise it will be worth the money.

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