Compared with ordinary lathes, what are the characteristics of lathe CNC?

CNC lathes and ordinary lathes have many similarities in the structure and process of processing objects, but due to the existence of CNC systems, CNC lathes are very different from ordinary lathes.

Compared with ordinary lathes, CNC lathes have the following characteristics:
Use fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protection devices to prevent chips or cutting fluid from flying out and injuring the operator.

Automatic tool change, slant cnc lathe adopt automatic rotating turret, which can automatically change tools and complete multi-channel continuous processing during the process.
lathe cnc
The main feed is separated. The main feed of the CNC lathe uses an independent servo motor, and the transmission chain becomes simple and reliable. At the same time, the motor can move alone, or it can realize multi-axis linkage.

Most lathe CNC adopt the structure layout of inclined bed lathe, which is convenient for chip removal, and automatic chip removal device is convenient for operation.

The spindle speed is high, and the workpiece clamping is safe and reliable. Most CNC lathes use hydraulic chucks. The clamping force is easy and reliable to adjust, and it also reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

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