Why Do You Have To Use Cutting Fluid In Benchtop CNC Milling Machine?

Most factories use the cutting fluid properly when machining parts with a benchtop cnc milling machine. Why use cutting fluid together? What role does it play in processing? In fact, in daily processing, cutting fluid is generally used to cool and lubricate, which is the most common role of cutting fluid. Below, we will briefly introduce the role of the cutting fluid.
benchtop cnc milling machine
The first one is cooling
Because the cutting fluid is a liquid property, it has the ability to cool down. The use of cutting fluid can significantly reduce the temperature generated when the workpiece is cut, reducing the wear between the tools, thereby increasing the life of the tool. The temperature control can also effectively prevent the workpiece from thermally expanding, warping, etc., affecting the machining accuracy, and cooling the surface of the machined part to suppress the generation of the hot metamorphic layer.
The second is lubrication
Cutting fluids have another common role: lubrication. During the machining process, the cutting fluid can reduce the friction, wear, fusion and adhesion between the rake face and the cutting, flank and workpiece surface. Under certain conditions, the operator can reduce the front and rear friction of the tool by using high-quality cutting fluid, so as to extend the life of the tool and obtain better surface quality of the workpiece. The most important thing is to reduce the production of built-up edge.
The third is cleaning
The workpiece product will produce some debris, metal powder, or grinding wheel powder during processing. These things will adhere to the tool as the temperature decreases, or between the surface of the processed product and the moving part of the machine tool. As the amount of adhesion increases, scratches and wear can occur between the tools, reducing machine accuracy and tool life. Therefore, when choosing a cutting fluid, choose to have a cleaning effect.
The fourth is anti-rust effect
When the machine tool is processed, the machine tool and the workpiece are easily corroded due to the moisture, sweat, oxygen, etc. in the surrounding environment. Therefore, depending on the actual situation, when processing metal products and processing time is long, it is necessary to select a cutting fluid with anti-rust function, which not only prevents the workpiece from rusting but also protects the tool from rust.
The cutting fluid plays a huge role in the metal cutting process. Therefore, when selecting the cutting fluid, the most suitable high-quality cutting fluid should be selected, so that the four functions of cutting can be perfectly played.
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