Unity,Cohesion,Communication-expand Witness Team Strength

The hot summer has quietly passed away, and we are ushered in a more passionate and challenging golden autumn September! There is no doubt that September is passionate,smashing, and inspiring.The company has organized a theme of unity,cohesion, communication and development training activities.A trip to the Silver Beach in Shili,a beautiful scenery.

This expansion class is different from the boring lectures in the past.It is full of fun,the atmosphere is very pleasant and very relaxed.

Although the expansion training is over,can we really apply the spirit of expansion to the actual work in the future,and can truly apply the enlightenment gained in the expansion to the difficulties encountered in life,and it needs a longer grinding.Practice time. We have to face the new day with the expanded mind,passion and will,and we will be able to attack every task of the company!

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