2019 Guoqiang Daosheng Co., Ltd. New Year Party

The songs are old and the dance is congratulating the new year. New year, new journey. New blessings, new expectations. On January 24, 2019, the annual annual celebration of Guoqiang Daosheng Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shunde District, Foshan City was ushered in. Looking back at 2018, we are full of pride and look forward to 2019. We are shouldering the burden. Success is accompanied by hardships, harvested with sweat. Thanks to the hard work of the leaders and the family, I would like to thank all the brothers for joining hands. At the beginning of the annual meeting, our company’s 18-year work summary and 19-year work deployment.

With the countdown of 10 seconds, the power of the palm is gathered together and officially entered the awards session of the annual meeting!

A group of people, fearless, because of love, so always pursued. Because of the pursuit of the heart, the magnetic field attracts. In 2019, Daosheng CNC will continue to move forward, not afraid of difficulties, it is bound to be professional, professional, happy, rigorous, and effective through!

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