CNC Screw Cyclone Milling Machine Function

In our life,for people engaged in the machine tool facility industry,CNC screw (screw) cyclone milling machine is not unfamiliar,and for other people who do not contact these,is not very understand.In general,CNC screw (screw) whirlwind milling machine lathe bed turning diameter is 800 mm, Φ lathe bed length is 3000,the processing scope of milling cutter machining diameter is Φ 105,biggest processing screw pitch range:blade 3/4/5/6/7/8/910/12 (arbitrary pitch),spindle clamping workpiece form of C axis is a hydraulic chuck,three axes linkage numerical control system is Siemens 3 axis linkage. Can be widely used in machine tool screw, valve screw,injection molding machine extrusion screw, packaging machine metering screw and other industries.Then CNC screw (screw) whirlwind milling machine what are the features of the following we have a look:
1.The machine adopts cyclone milling inner envelope high-speed forming milling,with an efficiency 5-20 times higher than traditional turning
2.The machine adopts hydraulic v-type clamp self-centering patent with knife technology,excellent clamping performance, strong rigidity, effective solution
Technological bottleneck of vibration cutter in slender screw cyclone milling
3.The machine tool USES the patented modular chuck cyclone milling cutter disc and chuck cyclone milling cutter blade,no need to set the knife, different screw pitch screw using fast change can be indexable blade,for difficult to process stainless steel materials can be high-speed milling, surface roughness and thread accuracy improve by 2 levels
4.According to the customer workpiece specification length from 2000-8000 can be customized.

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