CNC Lathe Maintenance

Maintenance of mechanical components
(1)The maintenance of the main transmission chain periodically adjusts the tightness degree of the main shaft driving belt to prevent the loss and rotation phenomenon caused by the large words;the constant temperature mailbox lubricating the main shaft is checked,the temperature range is adjusted, the oil quantity is timely supplemented,and the filter is cleaned; and after the cutter clamping device in the main shaft is used for a long time.The clearance shall be generated to influence the clamping of the cutter, and the displacement of the piston of the hydraulic cylinder shall be adjusted in time.
(2)The maintenance of the ball screw thread pair regularly checks and adjusts the axial clearance of the threaded pair of the screw to ensure the reverse transmission accuracy and axial rigidity.Regularly check whether the link between the lead screw and the bed is loose;the screw guard is damaged. Replace it in time to prevent dust or chips from entering.
(3)The maintenance of the tool storehouse and the tool changing manipulator is strictly prohibited to put the overweight,long tool into the tool storehouse,in order to avoid the manipulator tool changing or tool and workpiece,fixture collision.
1.Check whether the zero return position of the tool storehouse is correct,check whether the tool change point of the spindle of the machine tool is in place,and adjust in time.
2.When starting up,the knife warehouse and the manipulator should be empty operation,check whether all parts work normally, especially whether each stroke switch and solenoid valve can work normally;Check the tool in the manipulator lock is reliable, found abnormal should be promptly handled.
3.Hydraulic and pneumatic system maintenance regularly clean or replace the filter or filter screen of each lubrication,hydraulic and pneumatic system;periodically check the hydraulic system for oil quality and replace the hydraulic oil;periodically discharge the water system filter
4.Machine tool accuracy maintenance Regularly check and correct machine level and mechanical accuracy.
There are two types of mechanical accuracy correction methods: soft and hard.The soft method is through system parameter compensation,such as screw backlash compensation, coordinate positioning,precision fixed point compensation,machine tool reference point position correction,etc;hard methods are generally carried out during machine overhaul, such as rail scraping,ball rolling.The screw nut pair is pre-tightened to adjust the backlash and the like.


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