Automatic Feeding Device of Machine Tool Loading and Loading Manipulator

Automatic feeding device digital processing
1.The automatic feeding device is used for automatically placing the stored workpiece and positioning the workpiece so that the robot can accurately grasp the workpiece.Use the CATIA software to open the 3D digital model of the automatic feeding device,view it,and analyze the moving parts of each part of the device.In order to facilitate the creation of the moving mechanism, the automatic feeding device is divided into seven parts:the device body,the feeding guide A,the feeding device A,he propulsion mechanism A,the feeding guide B,the feeding device B,and the propulsion mechanism B.
2.Refer to the previously published “Roboguide software:Robotic pneumatic gripper movement production” article in the pneumatic gripper digital model splitting related steps,the automatic feeding drill is informed according to the above seven divisions to split,and the various parts of the digital model Rename,the split digital model is shown below.
3.Using the Crossmanager software,the digital modules of the auto-feeding device are converted to a data format compatible with Robotstudio software,which is converted to *.sat format.
Digital mode import and position setting
Refer to the digital model import and equipment layout method published in the previous issue of “Robotstudio software:using CAD drawings for robot workstation layout”,import the digital model of each part of the automatic feeding device after splitting, and use the “two-point method” to place the device to the designated position.
Automatic feeding device mechanical creation
1.First,the device body,feed guideway B, feed device B,propulsion mechanism B digital model are hidden,and then under the “modeling” menu, click the “create mechanical device” command button,in the pop-up create mechanical device dialog box,enter the mechanical device model name and enter the feeding mechanism A name (such as “equipment” under the feeder unit A),mechanical device type.
2.Double click “link”,in the pop-up link creation dialog box,input L1 as the link name,click “feeder unitRail A” on the selected component,click the green arrow to the right to display it in the added homepage,check “set as BaseLink”,click the apply button,link L1 is created.
3.Refer to step 2 to create a link L2,L3 for the feed mechanism A.
4.Double-click “contact” in the “create mechanism” dialog box to pop up the “create contact” dialog box.Enter J1 under joint name,select “reciprocating type” under joint type,select “L2” under sub-link,and tick “start” below”.The first position point” under the joint axis selects the right edge point of feeding guide A,and “the second position point” selects the left edge point of feeding guide A on the same line as the first position point,and inputs 0 in the “minimum value” of the joint limit and 799.5-400=399.5 in the maximum value,respectively as the upper and lower limits of feeding mechanism A.After the mechanical device of feeding mechanism A is successfully created,drag the scroll bar under “control shaft” to see the corresponding action of feeding mechanism A mathematical model,and click the application button.
5.Refer to step 4 to create a moving mechanism contact J2 for feeding mechanism A.
6.Click”compile Mechanical device” at the bottom of the create Mechanical device dialog box,and after compiling successfully,the feed mechanism A Mechanical device feeder unit A,is generated in the left browsing tree,and the joint mapping attribute area appears in the Mechanical device dialog box.
7.Click the”Add”button in the joint mapping attribute area,and create a home point position posture,a feeding mechanism A forward position posture,and a propulsion mechanism A forward position posture for the feeding mechanism A in the pop-up creation posture dialog box.Click on the close button and the feed mechanism A mechanism is created.
8.Refer to the above steps to create the mechanical device of feeding mechanism A,a mechanical device is created for the feeding mechanism B, and the automatic feeding device mechanical device is created after the creation is completed.

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