7 automatic cnc machine’s parameters you should know

Almost every CNC-related issue involves parameter settings. Indeed, if the machine has any wrong behavior, it may be due to incorrect parameter settings. Every automatic cnc machine user should be aware of certain parameters related to safety, efficiency and ease of machine use.
1.Initialization state
Some code modes are automatically restored when the machine is powered up. Absolute or incremental; inch or metric; fast or linear motion; plane selection XY, XZ or YZ; and feed per minute or feed per revolution are code patterns that can be specified by parameters.
2. Fixed cycle
Most of these parameters control efficiency. For example: roughing and boring turning centers Multiple repeating cycles have a parameter that controls the distance the tool retracts between roughing passes.
3. Data input
The parameter controls whether the value without a decimal point is an integer or a fixed format. If set to an integer, the coordinate value 10 in inch mode will be treated as 10 inches. If set to a fixed format, it will be 0.0010 inches. This may affect program compatibility between machine and operator entries when sizing.
4. Communication and file loading
The parameters control the transfer method between the program and the automatic cnc machine and the device/media used. Common choices include flash drives, memory cards, Ethernet or serial ports.
5. Program protection
For program protection, parameters can be used to prevent specified programs from being modified, deleted, and/or displayed. This allows you to protect important programs, such as probing programs.
6. User-defined G and M code
Use parameters to specify that the selected G or M code will execute the predetermined CNC program. This is important when developing custom macros for fixed-loop applications.
7. Inch conversion
When the parameter control switches the measurement system mode, the CNC only needs to move the decimal point to the right or left (no real conversion).
Knowing the parameters affects a given problem, which is the beginning of correcting the problem, and you must be able to find the parameter in question. Most automatic cnc machine manufacturers record relevant parameters in a group, but because there are too many parameters, it is still difficult to find the parameters that are relevant to your particular problem. When you encounter this problem, although you can read it by getting a list of parameters, a better approach is to look at the documentation that describes the features that are bothering you.

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