Won the”Top Ten Precision Machine Award” for the turning of the “China Good Machine Tool”company of Lijia Cup

The aim is to find more excellent brand enterprises and products in the machine tool industry, and advocate and promote the innovation of “high”, “fine” processing, and “technical drilling”. “Lijia Cup·4th 2019 China” The good machine tool ‘enterprise brand network selection’ came to a close in the near sunset. As the planner and executor of the event, China Machine Tool Business Network continued to adhere to the previous three principles of “fairness, openness and fairness” and continued to serve more machine tools. Enterprises provide opportunities to showcase and contribute to the advancement of the industry.

Continuing the recovery trend of China’s machine tool industry in 2018, the market is still in the stage of innovation and transformation. For the fourth consecutive year, China Machine Tool Business Network launched the “Lijia Cup·The 4th Annual 2019 “China Good Machine Tool” Corporate Brand Network”. The “China Good Machine Tool” brand selection is based on the principles of fairness, justice and openness. The selection activities of this year are divided into two categories: enterprise category selection and product category selection. Among them, the enterprise category is divided into six categories—metal cutting machine tools, forging presses, laser equipment, electric processing machines, machine tool accessories, and industrial automation. There are also seven categories in the product category, namely milling, turning, drilling, grinding, forging, laser cutting, and electrical processing.
In this evaluation, Foshan Shunde Guoqiang Daosheng Industrial Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Daosheng CNC) through its many years of accumulated good reputation in the industry and the company’s own active participation, with its quality products – DS-6Y turning The composite CNC lathe has successfully won the “Top Ten Precision Machine Award” for turning, which has enabled the company to be widely publicized in the Internet era.
In this selection activity, Daosheng CNC excels in user evaluation, comprehensive strength of enterprises and innovation ability. With outstanding performance, excellent price and innovative technology, Daosheng CNC successfully won the “Top Ten Precision Machine Award” for turning type with DS-6Y turning and milling composite CNC lathe. I hope that Daosheng CNC can fully utilize the company’s strong technical resources and product advantages to further enhance product quality and technology content. In the future, we will continue to work hard to improve our independent innovation, improve our products for our customers, meet new challenges and create new glories.

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