Industry 4.0 And China’s Manufacturing Upgrade

In recent years,major economies around the world have been vigorously promoting the revival of manufacturing.Under the enthusiasm of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet,Internet of things,and cloud computing,many manufacturing companies around the world have developed smart factory construction practices.
At present,China’s manufacturing enterprises are facing tremendous transformation pressure.On the one hand,factors such as rising labor costs,overcapacity,fierce competition,and increasing customer demand for personalization have forced manufacturing companies to shift from low-cost competitive strategies to differentiated competitive advantages.Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things and collaborative robots are rapidly emerging,providing good technical support for manufacturing enterprises to promote the construction of smart factories.Coupled with the strong support of the state and local governments,more and more large and medium-sized enterprises in various industries have started the construction of smart factories.
Intelligent factory should not only realize automation,transparency,visualization and lean production process,but also realize closed-loop integration with production process in product inspection,quality inspection and analysis,production logistics and other links.Information sharing,on-time distribution and collaborative operations are also required between multiple workshops in a factory.
Based on the long-term goal of building an intelligent workshop,Dahan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. uses intelligent technology to integrate industrial robots,machining centers and equipment with low automation. Using the company’s production management cloud management,the first time to discover potential problems in the workshop,expose the workshop.Unreasonable and unscientific production arrangements are resolved in a timely manner,greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality of the workshop.The purpose is to enable more enterprises to build intelligent production workshops and gain more profits.This is our common goal with the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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