Choosing a cnc lathe turret for CNC machine

Pure linkage tools are the simplest choice for CNC lathes. The tools are placed continuously on the lateral slide of the lathe. Steps to change tools:
Pull the current tool out of the workpiece through the Z-axis movement
Slide along the X axis until the new tool is in place
Move along the Z axis to start cutting

The cnc lathe turret is a more complex tool than a simple auxiliary tool. Steps to replace the tool:
Pull the current tool backwards, usually moving in the Z axis or a combination of X and Z axes
Rotate the turret until the correct tool is in place
Move the tool forward in Z or XZ motion to start cutting

Advantages of using cnc lathe turret
More flexible
Handle longer and thinner parts
Handle larger diameter parts
Easy to program
Accommodate more tools
More possible axes

cnc lathe turret

The choice between the linkage tool and the turret on the CNC lathe should be based on the type of parts being machined. For small diameters, short parts of the tailstock are not needed, and the turret is more versatile. They are necessary for long and thin parts and need to be supported by the tailstock.

The cnc lathe turret is the standard configuration of large CNC lathes and multi-function machine tools, and is the first choice for large-scale work. The turret can access the parts from behind, leaving more room for large-diameter parts. The multi-function machine uses multiple turrets and spindles, which greatly improves the speed and flexibility of the machine.

Using two spindles, parts can be transferred to the second spindle for backside machining. With multiple turrets, more tools can be accommodated, parts on two spindles can be processed at the same time, and MRR can even be improved by roughing the OD with two tools at a time.

For high-end production, the flexibility of the turret makes it a winner.

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