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DS-6S Lathe Turning CNC Make In China For Accessory Industry

DS-6S Slant bed CNC lathe machine with unit type power head.Machine tool control system uses Taiwan system, transmission mode uses the bus transmission.Full-closed protection,workpiece clamping type: Hydraulic.High rigidity linear slide rail is adopted with optimum span between rails through.

DS-6Y Y Axis Type Turning Center For Household Appliances

DS-6Y is Y Axis Type Turning Center,axis Y and the C axis function,realizing the turn-milling combined-type processing, simplifying the processing of complicated product,and reducing the trouble caused by secondary processing and improving product accuracy,computer aided automatic lubricating system.

DS-8 Automate Machine Make In China For Accessory Industry

DS-8 is Balance beam type the whole manipulator is in place at one time.automatic intelligent solutions, high speed,high precision,productivity,high rigidity and high cost performance.and the whole manipulator is in place at one time.

DS-8L Slant CNC Lathe Manufacturer Make In China For Accessory Industry

DS-8L is long travel,the base with the inclination of 45° is easy to operating and cleaning chips.High-precision main spindle of Taiwan and HIWIN/PMI P3 levels ball screw let it has high precision,strong vibration resistance.Turning machine CNC lathe with after sale service.

High precision slant bed turning milling function cnc lathe machine with Y axis

Product Description Specification item value Condition New Type Horizontal Slant Bed Lathe Year custom made Max. Length of Workpiece (mm)

TX600-10 CNC Lathe Tool Turret Make In China For Processing Industry

TX600-10 is High Quality Metal Turret CNC Lathe,Machine CNC tool is generally more suitable for larger workpieces,but for small parts there is no speed for the knives.It is more suitable to make small pieces of the knife.Doing a big piece can't be done at all.The price of the turret is generally much more expensive than the knives.

TX600-6 CNC Lathe Tool Turret Make In China For Processing Industry

Conducive to the modernization of production management turning centers are high-precision( CNC lathe tool turret),Equipped with multi- station turret or power turret,the machine tool has a wide range of processing technology,can process linear cylinders,diagonal cylinders,arcs and various complex workpieces.

TX600-8 CNC Lathe Tool Turret Make In China For Processing Industry

Machine body is cast in one piece,so it features strong vibration resistance and less deformation. It combines the characteristics of universal versatile lathe, precision lathe with high processing precision and special lathe with high processing efficiency. It is the largest domestic use and coverage.