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CNC36A CNC Horizontal Lathe Make In China For Processing Industry

CNC36A is Horizontal CNC Lathe flat cnc lathe.It is mainly used for the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of shaft parts or disc parts,the inner and outer conical surfaces of any taper angle,the complex inner and outer curved surfaces,the cylindrical and conical threads,etc.And can be used for grooving,drilling,reaming and reaming.

CNC36C Horizontal CNC Lathe Make In China For Processing Industry

CNC 36C a new slant bed gang type CNC lathe which total power is 7kw,max swing diameter is 400mm and its chuck size is 6”.It also equipped with computer automatic lubrication system.Meanwhile,the machine is slant bed and the full-closed.

CNC46A Horizontal CNC Lathe Make In China For Processing Industry

CNC46A is Horizontal CNC Lathe(Cnc lathe chucks), φ160 three jaw hydralic chuck or other elastic clamp can be directly fitted on the main shaft flange.HIWIN/PMI high-precision Class P3 Transmission ball screw rod.Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret,the machine tool has a wide range of processing performance.

CNC46C Slant Bed CNC Lathe With Taiwan SYNTEC 6TA-T3S System

CNC46C Machine tool control system uses Taiwan SYNTEC 6TA-T3S system.Other company's numeral control system can also be used when user requires so.Machine body is cast in one piece with resin bonded sand,so it features strong vibration resistance and less.

DS-5 Precision Machining Slant CNC Lathe For Lighting Hardware

DS-5 machine body and the basic is casting with resin sand casting with resin sand casting in one piece,high reliability and strong anti-interference,meet the requirements of accuracy and speed,easy to use and maintain,suitable for machine tool operating environment,Low cost.

DS-6 Slant Bed CNC Lathe With Less Space Occupation For Processing Industry

DS-6 is high speed,high rigidity,high precision,the new design of the machine structure adds rear chip removal (optional side or rear row of chip holes),the appearance design of the machine tool is pleasant,and less space occupation.